New Century Mortgage - What happens now!!

Bellevue, Washington 0 comments

My story is I brought my home from New Century and they sold my loan to Saxon. I got behind on my loan after the storm and had to do a modification. I have been paying my house note and waiting since June to get my papers because I was approved. I call from time to time and they say the papers are in the mail. I have been waiting and waiting. I found out to day (September 27,2010), my house is to be sold on November 22,2010. They say I didn't pay for three months and they need those payments in before we could send you the papers? They also said they could put my sail date on hold until I give them proof of my payments. The months they didn't get a payment was in the first part of the year. My question to them was why haven't someone told me this all these months I have been call????? Now they have three months they say I didn't pay. I know God is still in control, it's *** being poor!!!

P.S. I'm still waiting, because I know he's able.

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